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Active list: (in no particular order): Xbox Gamertag | PSN Username
Alex: xAlex4lifex (it's pronounced ale4life, the x's are silent)
Arc: IWishIWereAFish | IWishIWereAFish (he smells a bit funny, but we're used to that now)
Crrrrrrr: Crrrrrrrrr (his R key is ground to a fine powder)
Jawee: Jawee8 | Jawee8 (Negative sonofabitch)
Junior: PK Lifeup a (he's a black guy with a Pentium 3)
Roller: Rollergold | Rollergold (faps to rosalina)

Shawn: shawnportales (Keeps drinking even when he's passed out)
Tifa: Chidori-sama (RAGE QUIT)
Vi: Vioitty (draws borderline furry porn and doesn't afraid of anything)
YK: KiYoshi2 (I think his voice was stolen by MLG)
BBA: BBA322 (C4 and after?)
Ta: KC599 (He says it's 'tay', but he hasn't sung chocolate rain yet so we still call him ta)
Thino: Thinobuns (he hates random ****** cats)
Oggles: Oggles91 (gamerscore whore, whipping boy and token black guy all in one)
Sarge: (no gamertag) (Grand Lord Sargelicious)
Matt: karterfreak (the elitist)
Jake: JakeLikesCake93 (NOM NOM NOM)
Amanda: EMU MissManda (Likes long walks on Shipment with an RPD)
Killer: UnitOfKilling (Oned.)
Darkpr0: RussianBlack (AFLAC)
Greeny: GreenyMac (**** trolling, just flame 'em)
JTS: hs035 (These letters aren't random)
Azul: G-Walla (too busy not playing Warhawk to think of something)

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