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~ Thesis by Speed Racer X
Each Member of Unity has the same rights. Before making major decisions we see what everyone thinks and decide what’s best for our next move. We are pleased to announce that all members of Unity so far are friends and work extremely well together. Responsibility for running Unity is spread evenly amongst the members. What this means is once you join you have the freedom to seek out races with other teams, as well as setting up events that others can join and take part in the decision making process.

We often have events going on. If anyone at all would like to participate in these events, it will be our pleasure to add you. Or if you’re looking for friends to have a good time with feel free to post in this forum 


Current Events:
Even though Unity have long since quit Mario Kart Wii, we are very active on games such as Modern Warfare 2 (For the lulz(360), Team fortress 2 (PC), Starcraft 2(PC), and soon to be Blackops (360+PC). A few of our members also have Ps3s.

A few of our members can still be found on the track,but we honestly do not give a flying **** about kart.

Unity is not at all interested in skill, we're interested in attitude. We don't give a **** with wings how many X's you have in your name, nor do we give a gliding **** if you can no-scope someone across the map on Wasteland. If you have a voice like a chipmunk and are an elitist douchebag then we will just say 'get the **** out' and probably teabag you (which raises the question, why the **** is Matt in unity?)

We are not a clan as much as a community. We don't play competitively (at least, the majority of us don't) and we're just here for a good time. If you wish to play competitive, you might be able to form a team within Unity, but we allow you to go to other clans as long as you let them know about us, and we know about them, just to make things clear.We don't have any sort of member limit though usually between members joining and disappearing we tend to sit around 20-25 active members.


Unity History:
Unity used to be the nearly-uncontested top clan in the world before we quit due to the community being completely against our tactics to the point where we couldn't even get a war outside of the World Clan League.

Unity was founded in July 08 by Speed, Rin and Arc. I joined a few days later and we had a great team of great racers formed through the Challenge House and general worldwides.

Unfortunately, Speed and Rin both became inactive and Arc, Pyro, Crrr and later Jerk became the main faces of Unity (in that we organised wars and whatever).

We initially began planning a sandbagging strategy after losing a war to Kira Team, who we noticed used shocks to boost their racers' positions. We developed this strategy to the shock tactic that is used today and used this tactic to dominate in all the wars we could organise. Our record was virtually flawless across over a hundred wars, including wins against Evul, KT and Bullet Bill each at their prime.

The World Clan League came along and we were instantly placed into the Star Division, quickly rising to the #1 spot. However, by this point very very few clans wanted to war us due to our strategies, and we fell out of practice both in item usage and communication. The entire community alienated us and our strategies, only to start using them for themselves a few short months after our retirement.

Every strategy used in 'competitive' kart today was developed by Unity, and yet when people think of Unity they think of some clan who just got lucky a lot, while idolising Evul and other frontrunning clans.

Late 2009,some of our members start picking up on getting PC games instead of the console versions. Slowly members have been converting to the PC version, yet we still have a good number of console and PC players. Finally to this point, we have started to get our website running again (established a year ago as well) and starting to invest into our own Team Fortress 2 server and Blackops servers!

Joining Process: 


Joining Unity is a long timely process, if you wish to try and join ask for a TS3 account and hang around for a while, every member must agree to letting you join and when/if that process has occurred you will be told and be given permission to use the unity tag 

Ventrilo Info is below (and on our front page along with our current game servers):

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